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Budget Simulator



Welcome to the Johnson County Budget Simulator!

Johnson County was able to navigate through the recent recession through sound fiscal management, increased emphasis on organizational efficiencies, and extra efforts by County employees. From 2009-2013 the County was able to reduce approximately $47 million from the on-going operating budget and was able to do this without significant reductions to services provided to Johnson County residents. The current 5-year budget forecast has a stable revenue/expenditure outlook with no identified deficit; in other words the current outlook does not require any expenditure/service reductions and has the capacity to maintain existing service levels.

This simulator provides an opportunity to identify what your service priorities and expectations might be for the County. In this simulator exercise you step into the role of County Commissioner and decide what service areas you might want to make service level changes. Any increase or decrease that is made to a service level has an impact on required funding levels. For simplicity reasons any changes made in the simulator has a direct impact on the property tax rate; so an increase to service levels would increase property taxes and a decrease to service levels would decrease property taxes.

How it works: The first tab of the simulator titled, Overall Impact, is an overview of the changes and will serve as your dashboard throughout the simulator process. In this section there is a pie chart showing the Slider control example percentage of the budget for each of the services, as well as the amount the services increased or decreased. You can also see the impact your changes have made to the property tax bill for the average Johnson County home, or you can enter your address and see the changes to your property tax bill as you make changes to each level of service.

After the first tab, the simulator has five program areas. The slider to the right of each service starts off Pie chart example at “3” which is the current level of service (or “status quo”) being provided. You can move the slider to the left to indicate you would like to reduce the level of service, or to the right to indicate you would like to increase the level of service.

Within each program area, a chart displays the individual service percentage of the total program. If you move the slider for a service, you will notice the service size shrink or grow based on whether you decrease or increase the level of service. An example is shown to the left.

The simulator is designed to provide the Board with your input. You can choose to increase, decrease, or maintain services and through these selections give your input on whether taxes should be increased, decreased, or maintained at current levels.

To start the Johnson County Budget Simulator click the “Start” button below. The county values your feedback so please, be sure to submit your recommendations by clicking the "Submit" button in the "Finish" section below.

Overall Impact

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