What are inactive plats? The charge for the plat images covers the cost of maintaining and redistributing the plat images over the Internet. The same fee is charged by the Records and Tax Administration office when requesting a copy of a plat. To ensure the security of your order information, Johnson County AIMS websites support Web browsers that use 128-bit encryption. While such browsers are not required to use our websites, we strongly recommend their usage when viewing or entering information. As an added security precaution, all order information is kept on a physically separate server with firewalls that meet or exceed industry standards to prevent malicious access.

Johnson County AIMS websites use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to ensure the confidentiality of your order information. Johnson County AIMS does not handle credit card information. All credit card information and payments are processed securely on though our payment vendor.

If at any time you do not feel comfortable using the secure payment gateway, please contact our office for alternative methods for purchasing plat images.

Is my credit card information secure when ordering plat images?If you ordered and paid for plats but did not receive a link to download them, please contact the AIMS Mapper of the Day at [email protected] or call 913.715.1600. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will be happy to assist you in receiving your order.Subscriptions to plat images are avaialble for $180.00 per year per user. Subscriptions give users direct, unlimited access to plat images and this search utility to support plat research. To subscribe or for more information, call 913.715.1600 to inquire about plat image subscriptions. Yes. One free plat per email may be requested every 7 days. A link to download the plat image will emailed to the requestor. To download a free plat, add one plat to you shopping cart, proceed to check out, and select "request free Plat" button from the order page.. Inactive plats are typically plats that are no longer considered the active plats due to reasons like replats, annexations, etc. I did not recieve the plats I ordered. What can I do? I download lots of plats. Is there a way to license the plat images without having to pay for each plat individually? Are plat images available for free? Plat Search Utility - Frequently Asked Questions
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Why is there a $5.00 charge for each plat image?