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This web site is provided as a service through a cooperation of the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration department and the Automated Information Mapping System (AIMS). Currently this website provides access to plat records and images.  Searches against the database are free while copies of digital plat images can be purchased on-line for $5.00 each. Copies can also be obtained at the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration office at 111 S. Cherry in Olathe.   

Searches include plat, book page, AIMS map number, year platted, date recorded, city and plat id index searches by specific names/dates or similar names including sound a likes.  Use the controls above to search for plat records and digital images of the plat documents.


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What is a Plat?
A map showing actual or planned features, such as streets, building lots, and dimensions.
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View the FAQ's or contact the AIMS Mapper of the Day at [email protected] or call 913.715.1600.
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